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A Trusted Senior Executive Advisor

Damon Beyer works with leaders at all levels in organizations around the globe from small non-for profits to major corporations. He helps top executives create lasting change and breakthrough organizational performance. More about Damon

A Fresh Perspective on the Challenge of Leadership

the right fightDrawing from decades of work with leaders at all levels, Damon has writtenThe Right Fight: How Great Leaders Use Healthy Conflict to Drive Performance, Innovation, and Value in collaboration with Saj-nicole Joni. From the rehearsal halls of Broadway to the boardrooms of global giants, the book shows leaders how to turn conflict into performance. Read More


A Provocative Thought Leader

Damon speaks and writes regularly to business and public sector audiences around the globe, challenging them to embrace big, sometimes counterintuitive ideas and stretch their organizations to unlock their full potential. Read More


A leading Global Management Consulting Firm

As a Senior Executive Advisor with Booz & Company, Damon works closely with clients to deliver essential advantage. The firm’s global network of top consultants brings foresight and knowledge, deep functional expertise, and practical approaches to build capabilities and deliver real impact. More about working with Booz & Co

December, 2009

In the December 2009 issue of HBR, the authors make the case that conflict-free teamwork can be the worst thing to ever happen to an company. Healthy dissent keeps an organization on its toes - provided leaders make fights fair and constructive. Read more

January, 2010

Listen to Damon and Saj-nicole discuss how and why they came to write The Right Fight. Hear more

January, 2010
The Katzenbach Center

As a founding member of the Katzenbach Center, Damon works with leaders on strengthening their informal organizations, discovering untapped leadership potential, and accelerating change. Learn More

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